Preclinical Research 

Our extensive experience in the academic sector, in a Big Pharma framework, and current global synergies and contract research services with large Biotech companies enable our TH Observatory Programme Medicine Discovery R&D to progressively build a high-capacity Preclinical Assay Platform and assessment services.

Also, FTH's stakeholders and collaborators advanced facilities guarantee fast turnaround times due to the high automation of the screening platform. FTH Preclinical Integrated solution follows pharmaceutical industry standards to be applied to high performance preclinical analysis involving in vitro and in vivo screening studies, in vivo efficacy studies, mechanism of action, description studies and safety studies.

 Preclinical research services include:

Drug Metabolism:

  • Human CYP450 Inhibition

  • Human CYP450 Induction

  • Hepatotoxicity

  • Metabolite Profiling and Identification by high-resolution mass spectrometry


  • Serotonin Receptor Assays

  • Dopamine Receptor Assays


  • MTT Assay 

  • Cytotoxicity

Cardiotoxicity. Ion Channel Inhibition:

  • hERG

  • Nav1.5

  • Cav1.2

Mitochondrial Assays:

  • ROS

  • Superoxides

  • Mitochondrial Calcium

  • ATP/AMP/ADP Levels 

  • NADH Concentration 

  • Oxygen Consumption